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Snail Story

Hey bros, sorry I haven’t posted in a while (Like forever). Here’s something I doodled up in Math Class.  I’m gonna try and update this mug more often! (I say that a lot, just like a father who’s irresponsible).

Hot Dog Love

Most of us love some form of hot dog (tofu, beef, pork, miscellaneous meat bits), but some of us take it too far.

Doodle Time

Well, since I’m such a lazy bastard who is inept at making full length comic pages, I shall start posting everything here. That means, everything. Can you handle that? Can you handle this bold font? Me neither..

WINTER SADNESS! (A little thing I did last year)



Stupid Comic Ep. I


Have fun, I love you.

Dino Time Chronicles. Episode 5? Holy Crap.

Hey, I accidentally wrote “deces” instead of “feces”. It happens.

DTC Ep. 5Why did this take me so long to upload? Well I could make up a bunch of excuses. But it’s mainly because of school and procastination.  Followed by binge playing the original Dead Rising…

Dino Time Chronicles Ep. 4!

Here it is! Episode 4! Also, in this FOURTH episode, there are FOUR panels. Whoa. Freakin you guys out? Yeah, me too.

(PS: click on it for a little less blurry image.)

Dino Time Chronicles Ep. 3

DTC Episode 3

Dino Time Chronicles Episode 2!